About the East 86th Street Association

The East 86th Street Association’s mission is to enhance quality of life in the East 80’s. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we’ve worked since 2004 with business and property owners, residents, elected officials, city agencies, and law enforcement to attract new business and address issues such as congestion, safety, and beautification. We’re a group of concerned local residents who volunteer our time.

What We Do

  • Engage in public advocacy on local concerns. Host community forums to encourage public discussion. Influence decisions affecting our community by working with elected officials.
  • Improve the streetscape through creating a new streetscape plan and raising funds; planting and maintaining tree and flower beds, cleaning sidewalks, and removing graffiti and flyers.
  • Bring together residents, businesses, and institutions through website, meetings, newsletters, and events.
  • Publicize businesses and cultural institutions within the neighborhood.
  • Work with local business to design signs that comply with city signage regulations for a more attractive streetscape.
  • Address safety, security, and sanitation concerns.

What We’ve Accomplished

  • Defeated the congestion pricing plan to make 86th Street the northern border.
  • Convened a citywide forum on street vending which resulted in the drafting of new legislation.
  • Joined the fight against the East 91st Street garbage transfer station.
  • Obtained funding to complete our streetscape plan which will bring a uniform appearance to the street. To date, new Bishop’s Crook lampposts have been installed the length of 86th Street. Still to come are new curbs, bike racks, benches, and tree boxes.
  • Elicited business involvement in flower and tree plantings.
  • Published Guide to Sign and Awning Regulations for local businesses.
  • Commissioned a safety study of the crowded subway area to help the local precinct plan patrols.
  • Commissioned and published a study of East 86th Street Retail Needs for prospective businesses.
  • Fostered communication among businesses, educational institutions, museums, city agencies, elected officials, and law enforcement through the East 86th Street Neighborhood Network.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life along the East 86th Street corridor by: conducting research, education and advocacy projects which focus on quality of life issues; coordinating and involving residents, merchants, real estate owners, civic organizations, cultural institutions and other concerned citizens to foster community pride, civic participation and responsibility.