Rendering of East 86th Street's Streetscape design. Completion expected during Summer/Fall of 2017.


The East 86th Street Association is a pro-active collection of local residents determined to the betterment of our neighborhood. Among our most frequent agenda items are:


The Association is dedicated to cleaner streets and holding local representatives and organizations accountable. We have successfully lobbied City Hall and the Department of Sanitation for larger spill-proof garbage cans, more frequent pick-ups, and enforcement of sanitation rules. Our effort is ongoing. If you spot an area that needs attention, please complain to 311 by phone or by using the 311 app on our homepage.

Tree Care

The Association takes a special interest in looking after our local trees, and plantings in the tree pits below. Our organization funds plantings, fertilizing, and cleaning of trees and tree pits throughout the East 80’s. We have partnered with Green Keepers, from the Goddard Riverside Community Center that provides paid on-the-job training in horticulture, street sanitation and pest control services to local disadvantaged adults. We have also embarked on an ambitious new project to make sure our trees are properly nourished. The difference in growth, health and appearance of a properly fertilized tree is dramatic. We have begun fertilizing the trees that appear to be in the greatest need. With generous contributions we can expand the program to all of the trees in the area.


Through our efforts, the Association has secured $1,275,000 in funding to vastly remake the streetscape of East 86th Street. During 2017, the street will see a dramatic transformation. Among the improvements- new, expanded wrought iron tree pits, new curbs, trash receptacles, street furniture, bus bulbs, and benches. The improvements will span from 2nd Avenue to Park Avenue and expected to be completed during the calendar year.


The Association has long lobbied for safety improvements in the East 80’s. Working with the 19th Precinct’s new Commanding Officer, Inspector Clint A. McPherson, and Community Affairs, we have jointly walked the area and pointed out issues that needed addressing. The 19th Precinct has placed a new focus on quality-of-life issues. In response to community input, the Precinct has dedicated two permanent foot patrol officers to the area to deter crime and act as a liaison to local merchants and residents.

Support of Local Businesses

As an organization we have an active outreach to both prospective and existing businesses in the area. For businesses looking to enter the local market, we can assist with demographic research, location analysis, and finding the right retail broker. With existing businesses, we frequently partner on local initiatives, promote local commerce, and advocate for local businesses in our coordination with local agencies and officials.

Our organization is a non-profit that depends on your financial support and the work of unpaid volunteers. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to our organization. You can donate here. We also welcome volunteering. If you are interested, please reach out to us at



Our Mission

To improve the quality of life along the East 86th Street corridor by: conducting research, education and advocacy projects which focus on quality of life issues; coordinating and involving residents, merchants, real estate owners, civic organizations, cultural institutions and other concerned citizens to foster community pride, civic participation and responsibility.